Monday, April 9, 2012

Renpure Organics Brazilian (pea) Keratin Straighteners!

I would rather take a clothing iron to my hair on the cotton setting than walk around with poofy, frizzy, lop sided curls.  Knowing this, my sister gave this to me for Christmas.  So, with wild abandon I tried Renpure Organics Brazilian straightening shampoo and 14 day straight treatment.  

That awkward moment when you need to post a pic of yourself...
So, it doesn't altogether make your hair stick straight.  It does allow you to use less heat and it really cuts out frizz and it just feels stronger, more fortified.  Which is a nice break.  It also took away a lot of the need to run and hide the second the weather turns and gets rainy.  It really really eases the frizz.

All you do is wash with the shampoo, then put in the straightening treatment.  You leave that in for a half hour &  then you blow dry & flat iron your hair.  Boom!  You have silky hair for 2 weeks.

Check them out here!

Two thing about the straightening system really stuck out to me (as a label reader).

  1. The Keratin is pea derived, not animal.
  2. They aren't tested on animals!
So it's totally worth it.  It's probably the most natural relaxer there is.  There are some chemicals in it, don't get me wrong.  However, if it doesn't end up being tested on animals it's always going to be more natural.

Let's reserve the crazy tests for curing cancer and AIDS, not making sure our shampoo wont make our eyes red (jus' sayin').

Happy flat ironing!


Anonymous said...

I have used this too and love love love it!

fitness health from absolute health fitness said...

Nice one! I have to try this! Thanks for posting! ;)