Monday, June 18, 2012


Yikes it's been awhile!

So lately I've been making a lot of kefir, and enzyme cleaners. Citrus has been going on sale here often and that's the base for the cleaner.  

Really random but I didn't want to abandon this completely.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Renpure Organics Brazilian (pea) Keratin Straighteners!

I would rather take a clothing iron to my hair on the cotton setting than walk around with poofy, frizzy, lop sided curls.  Knowing this, my sister gave this to me for Christmas.  So, with wild abandon I tried Renpure Organics Brazilian straightening shampoo and 14 day straight treatment.  

That awkward moment when you need to post a pic of yourself...
So, it doesn't altogether make your hair stick straight.  It does allow you to use less heat and it really cuts out frizz and it just feels stronger, more fortified.  Which is a nice break.  It also took away a lot of the need to run and hide the second the weather turns and gets rainy.  It really really eases the frizz.

All you do is wash with the shampoo, then put in the straightening treatment.  You leave that in for a half hour &  then you blow dry & flat iron your hair.  Boom!  You have silky hair for 2 weeks.

Check them out here!

Two thing about the straightening system really stuck out to me (as a label reader).

  1. The Keratin is pea derived, not animal.
  2. They aren't tested on animals!
So it's totally worth it.  It's probably the most natural relaxer there is.  There are some chemicals in it, don't get me wrong.  However, if it doesn't end up being tested on animals it's always going to be more natural.

Let's reserve the crazy tests for curing cancer and AIDS, not making sure our shampoo wont make our eyes red (jus' sayin').

Happy flat ironing!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Heart Patient Husband

**This is meant to give a little perspective.**  
**Lots of people have heart murmurs or PE and live normal lives.** 
**I will NOT post comments such as "Well I have ____ and I'm fine, doctors are quacks!" that's just ignorant.**

My husband has an extreme case of Pectus Excavatum AKA "Hollowed Chest Syndrome".  It's so severe his heart is squished out of it's natural place.  If a kind soul ever needed to perform CPR on him they would have to really figure out where his heart is first.  It's so severe, that he was ruled out of the almost routine stint surgery to pop it out.  The surgery could also damage his already limited lung capacity and weaken his caged heart.  Lucky him, (sarcasm intended) he was also born with a heart murmur...some regulate as people age, some just get worse.  Some people don't even know they have one until a stressful situation lands sends them to the hospital.  Writing only a paragraph on my blog would never go into the day to day affects of these two conditions (and neither will I try to do it justice).

He's never let that hold him back.  He's always been really athletic.  Loves to snowboard.  His forearms are literally bigger round than my calves.  By anyone's standards he was in great health.

Two summers ago, I got a knock on my door.  It was a few of my husband's co-workers.  "Joe had some severe chest pain...He's at the hospital now...".  After lots of freaking out on my part, myself & our 3 month old daughter meet him in the hospital.  The paramedics had given him the max amount of  Nitroglycerin you can get before you see a real doctor.  He looked so bad, his color was gone from his cheeks & lips.  There were so many tests...EKG, ECG,  ultrasounds of his chest, over night stays, the treadmill test.  Throughout all of this he had to have more Nitro.

Things get real when the doctor sits you both down and says "Based on these results, because of the damage done to your heart, I would think I was looking at a 68 year old's chart.".  He was 29 at the time.

Yes, I cried after I wrote those sentences...and after editing them.

There's been lot's of doctors orders he's complied with.  Changing his job, eating better and attempting not to get stressed are some of them.  His heart doesn't pump as well and because of the limited lung function the blood has less oxygen saturation.  Near daily he still experiences chest pain.  With lots of prayer and faith he is doing better.  If I blog about living non-toxic or about avoiding sugar (or whatever) this is part of it.

We are firm believers on trying as hard as you can.  Anything less would be like driving to wal-mart for band aids....while you're purposely hitting yourself with a hammer.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Cloth Diapering TAG!

So, awhile back I watched a youtube video on cloth diapering and it turned out to be one of those "tag" videos where you respond as well.  I don't really make videos.  The information is important to get out there though.  Cloth diapering today is so different than what it was, even 15 years ago.  If you don't want to deal with itchy plastic shorts and "safety" pins (ouch!) you don't have to!

our entire stash
So the first question was, what is your favorite style of diapers (All in Ones, AI2, prefolds & covers, hybrids).  I think for us it depended on our daughter's stages.  At first she lived out of, what is the far right side of the pic above & covers below.  Prefolds and water proof covers are not a risky purchase for clothe diapering.  We liked it because we can re-use the covers a few times a day, just rinse it really quick in vinegar water after a diapers and let it hang up.  Fluffy's Diapers (etsy) makes great waterproof covers.  The inserts because they were really cheap ($5 each) and we had as many as she needed in between washes.

Next, what is you're favorite brand?  Personally we like Wooldins (can be found through etsy) and DryBees.  Wooldins has a ton of stuff (I'll explain in a different question).  DryBees is an AIO (all in one) with an insert option.  It's probably the most under rated diapers I've heard of.  It works great, fits well, it has one of the longest warranties on it's diapers! 
Favorite colors?  That is a tough one!  We have several.  My daughter has 3 baby pink AIOs, but those aren't it...

PUL cover from Fluffy's Diapers (on etsy)
All 3 are tied for that.  We just like happy colors that are gender neutral in case we sell our stash or give them to someone. :)

Favorite Print?  That is an easy one!
 We always call our daughter a little milk monster, so these are so fitting.

Favorite closure:  "Hook Loop"..."touch fastener".  Not snaps.  Those got caught in our dryer!

One size, or Sized?  If you have a newborn or younger baby, sized....after that I think one size is better.

Detergent:  I make it.  I got the recipe from the lady at Wooldins!  It works great.  It's bamboo safe, but works great on everything else.  No stains on our diapers!  Or bleach!  Never bleach!  That can affect the over all absorbency of your fabrics.....don't do it!  Also, NEVER EVER NEVER use a wet bucket!  Children have climbed up in them and drowned to death!  Dry buckets all the way!

Diaper Creams:  We don't really use any.  A friend got a California Baby, and we've used The Honest Company's creams and they work well.  Great to have on hand, but just use them as needed and you'll need them less.

Clothe wipes?  Yes!  Not pictured because they're just baby wash cloths.

Favorite Fabric?  Bamboo!  Wooldins had the best bamboo ever!  We have hardly ever had to strip it (gets excess creams off or soap residue).  It's generally a clean crop and is naturally antibacterial.  That means our daughter has had less diaper rashes than I could have ever imagined AND out diaper pail really doesn't smell that bad.  After we open it that is, it had an air tight seal.
Bamboo for Days!

I am so appreciative of cloth diapering.  You save your child from being exposed to Dioxin, are less wasteful, save at LEAST $ 2,000 from birth to potty training and just have more control over what you expose your child to in general. If you cloth diaper your child and even skimmed through this you're tagged too!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Where DO you get your iron?

excuse the nicks, bamboo looks better unfinished (& not photo'd)
Black bean soup with a handful of pepitas, 45% of your RDA of Iron & 20 grams of protein.  That's a lot for a little bowl of soup!

Beans + broth + blender + spices = millions of combinations for soup.  Ditch the croutons & you end up with simple vegan and gluten free "garnish" options.


Monday, January 23, 2012

Vegan (and Gluten Free) out and about.

Sometimes it feels impossible to attempt to be vegan.  You just don't know what to do.  Maybe you make a vegan dish for a (not necessarily vegan) party.  Someone offers you their dish.  
"Hey dairy and egg free!"   
You get excited...
"Really?  It's good."
"They key is real butter."

*apply the palm of your hand to your face now*

Food allergies NOT aside, you can't expect people to understand.  Ever...more or less...mostly more.  Roll with it.  Keep your chin up.  

Have a virtual vegan bagel sandwich.
Sans cream cheese (like most veggie sandwiches call for), add hummus.  Try it.  It's epic.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


This blog and post has been found in violation of HR 3261 & S 968 and has been removed.